Web Design, Information Technology & PC Support

About Me

My experience and adventures.

My focus today is to provide custom website design and construction at a reasonable cost to my customers. Presently I use Visual Studio 2019 HTML for the front end intergrated with C# for the code behind and MySQL database as the backend data storage.

After earning my degree in engineering I went to work for Cutter Laboratories as an electronic/validation engineer. When the plant closed I went to work for Abbott Laboratories as a control engineer responsible for all the automation equipment electronic hardware and software. I worked together with mechanical engineers in design, construction and implementation of new and rebuilt manufacturing equipment. I developed data acquisition software in the Windows environment used by plant personal.

I have programed in the following software control applications: Allen Bradley RSLogix, Visual Basic 6.0, and Visual Studio 2010 to Visual Studio 2019, Siemens Softshop and Step 7, Profibus, Waltz, Wonderware Intouch. Other: Omron, GE, IDEC, Xycom OIL and various proprietary operator interface devices.

I am knowledgeable and experienced in Windows 7 thru Windows 11, MySQL and SQL Server databases and Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

I have worked with programmable controllers since 1981 and PCs since 1993 with the introduction of Visual Basic 3.0.